5 Underground Indian Rappers That You Need To Know About

The Indian Rap Underground is a goldmine of talent. While mainstream rappers have made it big in the industry, most of them don’t come close to the talent that underground Indian rappers to offer.
Rap crew Swadesi Movement
While there are literally hundreds of rappers that came up after what we like to call ‘The Gully Boy Effect,’ there are a lot of rappers that don’t get the recognition they deserve. So we came up with a list of 5 underground Indian rappers that you need to know about.

MC Altaf
Hails from: Dharavi (Mumbai 17)

Despite his stint in the movie Gullyboy, we still think that MC Altaf’s music is underappreciated. Altaf recently dropped a track called Code Mumbai 17 in which he talks about his neighbourhood Dharavi.

Hails from: Amravati

100 RBH or Saurabh Abhyankar hails from the humble town of Amravati where he started his career in Rap. Marathi being his mother tongue, 100RBH writes really tight verses in the language. He is a part of the rap crew Swadesi Movement and they recently dropped an EP called ‘Khulle Nagde.’

Beat Slayer
Hails from: Dharavi (Mumbai 17)

Beatslayer aka Abhishek Kurme is a part of the rap crew 7Bantai’Z. He is India’s first beatboxer to release a beatbox only album called ‘Slayer.’ His beatboxing skills are exceptional and he has collaborated with a lot of artists for this album.

Hails from: Borivali I.C. Colony (Mumbai 103)

D’Evil aka Dhaval Parab has to be the most gangsta rapper from Mumbai. With his unique flow and Mawali style lyrics are a killer combination. His verse from the Gully Gang Cypher became a Tik-Tok trend! He recently dropped a track called ‘Mawali Qawali’ along with producer and DJ MojoJojo.

Hails from: Andheri, JB Nagar (Mumbai 59)

Tushar Salve raps by the name of LillyBoi. Since he is an independent artist, he only has a handful of tracks. But despite having very few songs, Lillyboy has a massive fan following on social media. He is also been dubbed as the Indian Snoop Dogg by his peers. LillyBoi recently dropped a track that is creating quite the controversy called ‘Teri Maa Ki CHUP!’

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